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what is…

If you haven’t been watching Jeopardy every single night recently, you’re probably still at an age of employment. And/or have, like, a social life with post-work happy hours to tend to.

I feel sorry for you. But whatever your reason, don’t worry, I’m here to fill you in.

This man is going to be President one day.


Not only did Barrett Block declare his intentions to Trebek tonight, but there’s the hair. And the glasses. And that smile with THOSE TEETH. He also wiped the floor with his competition tonight.

Other things worth catching you up on from the first night of Teen Jeopardy semi-finals…

Categories from Round 1 were as follows:

1. Hey, I just met you

2. And this is crazy

3. But here’s my number

4. So call me

5. May ‘B’

6. Yeah, we went there.

(I’m 100% serious.)

And final Jeopardy? Famous Asians.

It was a really wonderful night. I hope you guys are enjoying your cocktails and/or social security checks.



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